Friday, 16 October 2009

Checking Delhi Belly...

With Commonwealth Games fast approaching, Confederation of Indian Industry is launching an attempt to force Delhi's caterers to clean up their act and educate them on basic food hygiene. They are to conduct an audit of more than 800 cafes and restaurants close to the Commonwealth Games Village to assess where they need to improve.

The eating joints will be judged on parameters like maintenance and cleanliness, personal cleanliness of the staff, pest control and garbage disposal, food packaging, storage and water quality. The Confederation is also planning to provide emergency training for those who fail to meet international standards.

An initial survey found some places had overflowing garbage bins with poor personal hygiene of food handlers and waiters. It was also found that the raw material was stacked in an unorganized way. All these are area of improvements for food industry, specifically as Delhi is known for its vast array of appealing food which attracts many tourists each year.


Anne said...

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