Saturday, 2 October 2010

Indian govt issues guidelines for spectators

The Home Ministry on Saturday said adequate security arrangements has been put in place for the Commonwealth Games and issued a set of guidelines for spectators hours ahead of the Opening Ceremony. The opening ceremony will start @ 1900 hrs local time. Entry into stadium will start @ 1400 hrs IST.

"Adequate security arrangements have been put in place in order to provide security to the sportspersons, officials, spectators, invitees, volunteers and workforce as well as to the entire city of Delhi," the Ministry said in a statement.

It said that along with the tickets, the Organising Committee of the Commonwealth Games has circulated Do's and Don'ts for ticket-holders.

"While reiterating those Do's and Don'ts, all those who will visit the Games venues should also observe the Guidelines," it said.

It asked the spectators to plan in advance taking into account the possible traffic in order to reach the venue on time. The guidelines said one should be prepared to stand in queue.

"You should carry your ticket or accreditation card (together with the ticket) without fail. No one will be admitted without a ticket or an accreditation card (together with the ticket).

"Flap Barriers and RF readers have been installed to 'read' the ticket and the accreditation card. If the reading shows the ticket or accreditation card as 'invalid', a second attempt will be made, and if the second attempt too shows the ticket or the accreditation card as 'invalid', the person will not be admitted," the statement said.

Every person will be frisked and checked. The guidelines said it is possible that the flap barrier or the RF reader may fail sometimes, for a few minutes, owing to technological glitches.

In such a case, the security personnel will do a thorough manual check of the person, the ticket and the accreditation card and one must be prepared to subject themselves to the manual check. In addition, every person will be frisked and checked.

With regard to parking, the guidelines said only a few vehicles or cars with authorised 'vehicle access passes' will be allowed to go up to the designated points in the games venues.

"If you are travelling by a car with an authorised 'vehicle access pass', you will be required to alight at a designated point. You must walk the remaining distance to the entry gates."

It said visitors who travel by vehicles which do not have a 'vehicle access pass' may use the Park and Ride or the Park and Walk schemes.

The Ministry also requested asked citizens to use public transport as far as possible.

"The Do's and Dont's and these 'Guidelines' will apply to every visitor and there will be no relaxation and no exception will be made in any case. All are requested to cooperate," it said


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