Thursday, 26 November 2009

India not to bid for 2020 Olympic Games

India will not bid for the Olympics in the near future even if it organizes a successful Commonwealth Games next year, sports minister Gill said on Wednesday.

Gill, speaking in parliament during a discussion on the New Delhi Commonwealth Games, said he was not in favor of the country looking further ahead towards hosting the Olympics as the gap between organizing Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games is quite big.

"Some of my colleagues (MPs) said casually that we should be bidding for Olympics. I'm not sure India should be," Gill said.

Gill did a reality check by asking fellow country men to consider poverty in India and infrastructure expenditure to host Olympic Games. He stressed that China spent $50 billion on last Olympics and highlighted that India is not yet ready for such a spend.

Indian sports officials have often spoken of wanting to bid for the Olympics as early as in 2020 and see a successful staging of the Commonwealth Games as the first step in that direction. Hosting Olympics still remain a dream to be pursued in distant future

Indian organizers and Commonwealth Games chiefs have tried to patch over differences after acrimony about New Delhi's readiness to host the 2010 event, India's biggest multi-sport event since the Asian Games in 1982.

Gill, a former federal chief election commissioner, assured MPs the infrastructure for the October 3-14 Commonwealth Games would be ready.

"The stadia will be completed in time," he said. "The government is investing substantial amount of money for the upgradation of various stadium to be used for the Games.

"These stadia will become state-of-the-art venues of international standards."

"The government of India and the organizing committee are fully committed to completing all preparations for the Games in good time," said Gill.

The Commonwealth Games will feature 71 nations and territories from the former British empire.


Sushant said...

This is ridiculous... Being the most fastest growing economy in the whole world we still have still have a fear to dream big I dont understand if dont dream big how is that possible to fulfil those dreams. Bid for the games atleast and be prepared for everything. 10 years for the preparation pretty enough to stood first in first. Stop fighting for seat and fight for the better future. Elect someone new, enhanced and enthusiastic person in the external affairs and for the development who can forsee everything and could make decision for our healthy nation. Please stop fearing and be sport person.. You guys are doing a tremendous job.. Be a go getter man... Thank you for your awesome effort.. I proud to be a DELHIITE and pround to be an INDIAN...
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