Friday, 13 November 2009

Scotland looking for national anthem before Commonwealth Games

This one is for trivia freaks.. Scotland doesn't have a recognized national anthem and is looking for one before 2010 Commonwealth Games. Since 1958, Scotland the Brave has been played when Scots won gold.

The four shortlisted options are Scotland the Brave, Highland Cathedral, Flower of Scotland and Loch Lomond. They have been put on the list to be voted on at a Games dinner on 14 November.

Chairman, Michael Cavanagh, said: "At the Awards Dinner on Saturday night we will give our wider stakeholders the opportunity to have an input into this process.

Students from the Royal Scottish Academy of Arts Music and Drama will perform a shortlist of four options and at the end of the evening, guests will be asked to cast their vote. The top two anthem choices will be presented to prospective Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games team members at their Team Camp in January, where they will make the final choice of anthem to be played at the Games.

Mr Cavanagh added: "Hopefully, by the time we reach the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow there will be an official anthem that is nationally recognized and endorsed through our parliament and one that the whole of Scotland can unite behind on what will be a fabulous and memorable occasion for all Scots."

Flower of Scotland has been used by the Scotland national rugby union team and was first sung as the pre-match anthem during the 1990 Five Nations championship.

The Scottish Football Association then adopted Flower of Scotland as its official anthem in 1997, although it had been used by them in 1993.

Scotland, the Brave has been used since 1958 as the anthem for Scottish teams at the Commonwealth Games. In the 1982 and in the 1986 FIFA World Cup, the Scottish national football team used it as its anthem.

Highland Cathedral has become one of the best-known bagpipe tunes in the world, especially after being featured in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. It was chosen by Madonna to be played at her Highland wedding and has also been played alongside Flower of Scotland at rugby internationals.

Loch Lomond has been recorded by many performers over the years.


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