Tuesday, 20 April 2010

England swimming team for Common wealth Games

England has selected 29 swimmers to participate in Commonwealth Games.

(Read: Final list of England swimmers for Commonwealth Games)

A further 13 swimmers can earn selection at the European Championships in August and the British Gas ASA National Championships in Sunderland.

The England team:

Women: Rebecca Adlington; Achieng Ajulu-Bushell; Ellen Gandy; Francesca Halsall; Joanne Jackson; Sasha Matthews; Keri-Anne Payne; Elizabeth Simmonds; Amy Smith; Gemma Spofforth; Jessica Sylvester; Stacey Tadd; Rebecca Turner; Aimee Willmott; Katherine Wyld

Men: Robert Bale; Adam Brown; Simon Burnett; Ross Davenport; Daniel Fogg; James Goddard; Thomas Parris; Roberto Pavoni; Michael Rock; Joseph Roebuck; Liam Tancock; Grant Turner; Christopher Walker-Hebborn; Richard Webb.


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