Tuesday, 20 July 2010

All stadia to be handed over to Commonwealth Games OC by 1-Aug

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) said on Monday that the nine venues it was preparing for the Commonwealth Games were completely ready and it would hand them over to the Organising Committee by August 1. This is earlier than committed date of 15-Aug. Talkatora stadium has already been handed over to the organizing committee a week back.

Dismissing media reports that claimed that the SP Mukherjee Swimming Stadium, one of the venues it was developing, was far from complete, a senior SAI official said all work at the stadia was as good as over. Only the setup required to host the event is not prepared as there is no sports meet planned in immediate future.

"As far as sports requirements are concerned, everything is complete," HS Kingra, special officer of Commonwealth Games, told TOI on Monday. "There are no problems in SAI stadia."

Referring to media reports that there is one diving board less than planned and can hamper the event, he said: "As per requirements in diving, two diving boards are prescribed. At all international swimming stadia, only 2 are required. There were also reports that the warm-up pool hinges are loose. But I ask how can they get loose when they are yet to be used? They are loose because they have been not been tightened which we will do when we have to host an event. We do not want anyone to use the facilities and get hurt in absence of safety teams.

Meanwhile, a SAI official said that the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, one of the venues which was yet to be inaugurated, was ready and would be handed over the Commonwealth Games organising committee by August 1.

"The building is ready, field of play is also ready. Some work on the lawn outside is being done which will be completed soon," he said.


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