Friday, 2 July 2010

Delhi government issues guidelines for tourists

With about 90 days left for the Commonwealth Games to start, the government of India has come out with a set of guidelines for foreign tourists.

Delhi government is investing a lot of time in ensuring that the visitors feel at home in Delhi. At the same time, Commonwealth Games federation has urged visitors to respect cultural sensitivity of the locals. Delhi is a cultural and social melting pot with numerous faiths and believes being nurtured here. To this extent, Commonwealth Wealth Games along with local government has prepared following guidelines:
  • Local organizations will promote awareness on the code among vendors, contractors, taxi drivers, tour guides, event management companies etc. Those violating the code can be blacklisted.
  • Local people to help and guide visitors especially those visiting from other nations.
  • Foreign nationals to carry information regarding their respective embassies. To this extent, Delhi Police will interact with visitors on ad hoc basis.
  • Foreign tourists will be encouraged to respect local customs.
  • All visitors to carry emergency contact numbers in their handbags at all times.
  • Locals and visitors not to engage in any sort of violence and abusive behaviour.
  • Visitors will be encouraged to make use of guided tours to be arranged  by government in Delhi.
  • No visitors will be allowed to use public transport while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Foreign tourists to be encouraged to engage in business only with travel agencies with valid permits.
  • Visitors hiring vehicles must ensure that they have international driving permit accepted in India. To this extent, visitors will be encouraged to hire vehicles with drivers which are easily available in India.


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