Sunday, 13 September 2009

3-Tier security ring for Commonwealth Games

Security arrangements to ensure tourist safety during 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games More than 150,000 policemen, continuous aerial surveillance, about 2,000 closed-circuit cameras and latest security gadgets would be employed for extensive three-tier security ring that the Indian government has planned for 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Briefing the heads of missions of all Commonwealth countries on
security arrangements for the sports event next October, the government said there was no specific threat to the Games but every precaution was being taken to make it incident-free. This includes taking adequate precaution even for tackling chemical or biological attacks, the organisers told the missions.

The diplomats were told that every vehicle meant for athletes would be put through an anti-sabotage test every morning while each of 23 venues would be completely sanitised seven days ahead of an event, Home Secretary G K Pillai said.
Dedicated lanes for vehicles carrying athletes and officials will be created with helicopters keeping an eye on all venues and routes, it was announced.
He said besides 80,000 Delhi Police personnel, the government will requisition services of an equal number of cops drawn from the central police organisations and state police forces. Besides the venues, all major locations in Delhi would be brought under the cover of CCTVs, Pillai said.

"We have two major sporting events before the Commonwealth Games-the World Hockey Championship and the World Swimming Championship," he said. "We will make a test run of the entire security arrangements during these two events."

Security for Commonwealth Games would also be one of the main points for discussion during the three-day biannual conference of police chiefs of all states scheduled for next week.

The home secretary said it was important to tighten
security across the country, considering that many athletes and visitors were expected to utilise the occasion to travel to important tourist places.


Pankaj said...

I feel so excited and elated that India is hosting such an event after the Asian Games.
We may not better the Chinese,the manner in which they hosted the Olympics in 2008.
It sure is giving me a feeling of elation.
I dont know why are we like that-all at the last moment-touch and go situation.
I just hope all goes well and the Games are a huge success.
La Viva India

Anonymous said...

its nice to knw abt 3tier security but will it be enough hav a successful cwg

Launch Business in Delhi said...

It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

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