Friday, 4 September 2009

Commonwealth Games Logo

2010 Commonwealth Games Logo. Come out and play
Logo of 19th Commonwealth Games to be held in Oct 2010 in Delhi is inspired by Ashok Chakra, India's national symbol of freedom, unity and power. The Chakra spiralling upwards apparently depicts the growth of India into a proud, vibrant nation.

As the Chakra emerges, you can also see the the elements in the Charkra turn into people, which represent everyone involved in the games from the athletes, organizers and the host nation. The games also are going to promote a "Green" theme which may be why the Chakra ends in green.

The tagline of the logo is “Come Out and Play”. The tag line depicts zeal and zest, and vitality in the lives of people, encouraging them to join the excitement of fun and activities. The CWG logo strives to express the core values of the Commonwealth itself, which seeks to unify humanity, promote equality and give all athletes a chance to realise their destiny at the Commonwealth Games.

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