Tuesday, 26 January 2010

CGF offers apology for incorrect map of India

The Commonwealth Games Federation has apologized for showing some of Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir as parts of Pakistan.

The CGF was embroiled in a controversy because of a distorted India map put on its website earlier on Tuesday.

The map of India on http://www.thecgf.com/ showed some areas of Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat as parts of Pakistan as organisers of the 2010 Commonwealth Games said they raised the issue with CGF officials.

CGF website shows incorrect map of India
"It was a mistake and we apologise for it," CGF CEO Mike Hooper said. Hooper said the goof-up (blunder) was entirely unintentional. "It was not intentional but we have rectified the matter immediately. And we certainly apologise to all concerned," Hooper said.

Currently, CGF website shows map of the countries from http://maps.google.com/. Here is the latest snapshot of map of India which shows international borders between India and Pakistan. Also, the area of J&K that is disputed is shown with dotted lines.

"We generally use reliable sources for the territory of the Commonwealth countries but we are going to double check all of those again," said the CGF official.

The earlier link, where the incorrect map was shown (http://www.thecgf.com/countries/) has been redirected to show the list of all Commonwealth countries.


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