Saturday, 23 January 2010

Indian weightlifting federation fined for $ 500,000

Indian Weightlifting Federation causes major embarassment before 2010 commonwealth GamesThe Governing committee of the Commonwealth games has imposed a penalty of $500,000 on the Indian Weightlifting Federation for the doping fiasco, but fell short of banning it from international events. It would have been even bigger embarassement had India been slapped a ban from 2010 Commonwealth Games. The games are scheduled to be held in Delhi in Oct 2010. Many of the experts believed that India will be banned. However, the back channels may have worked to prevent the ban preventing India's shame in front of its home crowd.

The move has cleared the way for the Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWF) to participate in the forthcoming Commonwealth Games 2010. Six of its weightlifters were found positive in the dope tests carried out by WADA and NADA in September last year.

The International Weightlifting Federation has already banned Shailaja Pujari for life, imposed a fine of $5,500 on Vicky Butta and Harbhajan Singh. A fine of $5,000 has been imposed on four other lifters - Rajesh Singh (Madhya Pradesh), Sunita Rani (Punjab), A Vijayadevi (Jharkhand) and Shailaja Pujari.


Anonymous said...

india should be banned from the com games...they broke the rules!! they should not be let off with just a fine....

in the 2006 com games, nigeria was banned. they were not fined, they were banned! so how can they treat india any different!

Zoe said...

Absolutely ridiculous. Now other weightlifters, such as myself, participating in the games this October will be penalized due to the fact that our competitors are a bunch of cheats. Lovely and fair.

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