Monday, 4 January 2010

Usain Bolt not to run at Commonwealth Games

Usain Bolt will not be running at the Commonwealth Games, his manager Ricky Simms confirmed on Wednesday.

"I can 100 per cent confirm that Usain will not be running at the Commonwealth Games," Simms informed after the sprint champion’s name figured in the preliminary list of athletes submitted to the Commonwealth Games organisers by the Jamaican Olympic Association.

"Maybe this list was sent in some time ago," Simms added. "The Commonwealth Games is not on Usain’s schedule for this year."

Simms in fact, echoed what Bolt’s coach Glen Mills had said last week. Bolt had himself expressed doubts over his Commonwealth Games participation.

If finding Bolt’s name on the Jamaican list had raised the Games’ organisers’ hopes, Simms had a stern message for them.

"I do not understand why the CWG official cannot just accept his decision and stop putting out more stories in the press. They should focus on the athletes who are coming to India," Simms said through email.

Bolt might not be able to come to India as a guest either, if invited. "I don’t think Usain would want to come to India as a guest. He is scheduled to resume training after a 4-6 week break at that time," Simms said.


Sathya said...

Its really a disappointment for entire sports aspirant people, we never expected Bolt wont participate in the world mega event game.. his absence not only worries the Indian people but world too

Prince said...

I am really a very big fan of Bolt.
Its really disappointing that he isnt coming....
We have purchased tickets for all family.But now there is no use of going there.
Sorry Delhi we are not coming.....

Anonymous said...

wht da hell ? i miss the chance to see him running... im so glad if he come to india to see the record break...

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