Sunday, 14 February 2010

Volunteer Program FAQ 2: Communication and Registration

Q. How will I find out about the latest news and developments ?

Electronic communication will be the main form of contact to all volunteer applicants. Candidates are encouraged to visit this volunteer website regularly for information on status updates, schedules and training sessions

(CLICK HERE: Volunteer training begins at Amity Campus)

Q. How do I know if my application has been received ?You’ll receive an acknowlegement e-mail confirming that your application has been received

Q. I don't have an e-mail address. What should I do ?

If you don't have an e-mail address you can set one up for free through different webmail service providers. You can also contact your Internet service provider for further options. Please keep in mind that you'll need your own e-mail address to apply for a volunteer role. For security reasons, you and another volunteer applicant cannot share the same e-mail address

Q. I do not have frequent access to the Internet. Will this affect my chances of getting picked as a volunteer ?

All our communications will be done online and it is essential for you to have Internet access and easy access to your e-mails.

Q. What happens after I submit my application ?

We will try to match your interests with the volunteer opportunities available. If you’re shortlisted, we’ll contact you. As volunteers with different skills may be required for each phase in the run-up to the Games, we may contact each of you at different times. There are many areas in which you could volunteer. We’ll try our best to match your interests with the opportunities available, but please understand that a perfect fit may not always be possible. If you have not heard from us, please be patient. This means we’re still trying our best to match you to the most appropriate volunteer opportunity. When one becomes available, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you.

Q. What do I do if my contact or personal details change?

Please contact us immediately if your personal or contact details change. If you have applied for a volunteer role online you can update your details online. Login with the username and password you used to submit your original application.


komal said...

hello this is komal agarwal this side,a student of delhi university and myy emai id is and would like to apply for the volunteering programme of CWG so could i know the last date of registrations so that i can avail the golden opportunity...please reply soon...

arun said...

hello its k.Arunkumar sharma a student of DM college of science, imphal, manipur. i want to be a part of this up-coming common wealth games, delhi 2010 as a could i know the last date of registrations so that i can avail the golden opportunity...please reply soon. my e-mail address is and

Anonymous said...

I had given the interview for volunteer program for cwg games from my college.

Till now i have not got any confirmation of my selection. when will the confirmation

of selection will be friends have recieved sms........but i've

recieved neither email or how can i check my status......

Anonymous said...

i hv by mistake written a wrong e-mail address on my comman wealth form ......till nw all my frenz hs recvd mails abt dr selection .....hw cn i check my name in the list ?????

sameer said...

Hello this is Sameer Bundela. i m a student at AAG, noida. and want to be a part of the program, missed the opportunity earlier, can i join now. please tell me where i can subit the form.. my email id is

nishant said...

i am very sorry to say that i havent attended the most important phase for the volunteer programme which was the 1st phase training
as i was out of delhi for total 45 days in the month of june and july for my college summer training programme which was shedule a long days before.And at the time of interview also i have mentioned that i would be available after july for the volunteer programe and i want myself to be a part of this world famous festival which had come to our country 1st time.
So please help me to be a part of DELHI UNITED .
I want to serve myself for country as well as DELHI UNITED.This would be a very glorious opportunity for me.
I will be very thankfull to all if u please consider my request and give me chance for serving INDIA, DELHI UNITED AND ALL GUEST WHO R COMING TO OUR COUNTRY FOR THIS EVENT.

EOI NO:-10932

ankit said...

hi ds is ankit where i wil get d form i realy want to b a volntr plz help me

ankit said...

ds is ankit again and 9999147919 is my no.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I missed the opportunity to register as a volunteer for the commonwealth games. I am extremely keenon being a part of the games. Is there any other way I could volunteer? Please let me know.. I am very very keen on becoming a volunteer. My id is

Anonymous said...

hi i missed the opportunity as a volunteer in a cwg. but i want to be a part of it. please inform me ,is there any way? i have also attend 1training. i will be thankful if you give me this opportunity.username is tanzeela8-5228 , contact no is 9871823959

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