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Volunteer Program FAQ 3: Training, roles etc

Q. Do I get to choose my volunteer position ?

Roles will be assigned based on the location of your accommodation during the Games, as well as your availability, skills and experience. Where possible, your preference will also be considered.

(CLICK HERE: Volunteer training begins at Amity Campus)

Q. I want to volunteer along with my colleagues in a specific area. How do I register?

Every Volunteer has to register individually on the official website to be a part of Delhi2010 volunteer team.

Q. Will I get paid ?

You are unpaid members of the Delhi 2010 volunteer team. Therefore, as a volunteer you do not receive wages, fees, honorariums, tips, gratuities or reimbursements for the work you undertake for the event.

Q. When will training begin ?

To ensure that you have the necessary skills and information to perform your assigned roles effectively, we will provide both general and role specific training. The total duration of the training is from May 2010-October 2010.
General training will commence from May 2010-August 2010.
Role specific training from July 2010-September 2010.
Leadership training is from August 2010-September 2010
Venue specific training from August 2010-October 2010

Q. What kind of role I might be given ?

We will try to assign you a volunteer's role as per your past experiences or in accordance with the preference you indicated in your application. However, given that certain roles have been oversubscribed, this is likely to be difficult. We encourage you to be as open-minded as possible about your options.

Q. What hours, days and weeks am I expected to volunteer ?

The length of your involvement will depend on your assigned role. We will discuss your availability further during the assessment process. The longer and more flexible your availability, the more roles you can be considered for. A normal volunteer day will usually be 8-10 hours, including breaks, but some roles may occasionally require longer or shorter shifts. All volunteers engaged during the Games are required to be available for a minimum of 10 shifts and are expected to be available for the full period from 3 to 14 October 2010.

Q. I want to volunteer, but I'd also like to buy a ticket to watch an event. Can I do both ?

We want you to experience as much of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi as you can. If you purchase a ticket to view an event, we'll do our best to schedule your shifts accordingly, however we can’t make any guarantees. Please keep in mind that we require a minimum time commitment from our volunteers.

Q. Will I be provided with any kind of medical facility during my service ?

Yes, you will be provided with the medical facility when you are on duty.

Q. What if I lose my uniform or accreditation card? Will I be issued with replacement ?

The uniform issued to you is a controlled item. Volunteers without uniforms will not be allowed into the venues to perform their duties. The replacement for the uniform will be rarest of the possibility depending on the discretion of the management.

Q. Will I be reimbursed for my transport and meals ?

You will be provided with meals and refreshments during training days as well as during deployment for the Games, and public transport will be free – you just have to show your accreditation card.

Q. What if I do not turn up for my duties during the Games ?

We are confident that you will be committed and turn up during the Games. In the event of ‘no show’, we will conduct an investigation on the reasons for the ‘no show’. If the reasons are unjustifiable, the person/s will also have to return all uniform, equipment, and accreditation passes issued.

Q. What kind of training will I have to go through and what is the time period that I will have to commit ?

Attendance for all training sessions is compulsory. Volunteers who do not attend training will be risking their volunteering opportunities. You will have to go through general training which will give you background information of the event. Role specific training will depend on the specific roles assigned to you and this will help you to perform your role effectively. Venue specific training will familiarise you with the various facilities and emergency procedures of the particular venues assigned to you. The fourth part of training is event leadership which will be given to only to those who will be responsible for managing/supervising a group of volunteer. These training sessions will be delivered over a period of four to five days.

Q. What happens if I decide not to volunteer for the Games after going through the training ?

You may decide to withdraw anytime. However, you must return all uniform and equipment, and accreditation passes issued to you.


Anonymous said...

i have submitted an online registration form n got shortlisted...the interview date was on 24th feb...due to some reasons i could not be to proceed now??how to give my interview?

Anonymous said...

i have given my interview for cwg but didnt recieved any information yet,is that mean i am rejected?

Anonymous said...

same here,
we all have given our interview..but didn't receive any response...

Anonymous said...

a lot of my friends gave the interview and have not received any talk... plz help ...

Anonymous said...

whats nxt step i hve passed the december training session from jamia and also given interview now what to do?

Anonymous said...

all are waste if we are not get paid time wastage.............................

Anonymous said...

When will the results of interview be announced ???

Anonymous said...

I got selected as voulenteer in CWG 2010, Now it seems like i won't get paid.. eehhhh.. its so irritating yar.. i mean, a person get paid for performing duties and for what he is capable of.. its simply wrong...

Anonymous said...

i had clered the interview session but not recieved any call or mail till now for the training session so when i will get the responce

Sonu said...

will we be paid for the volunteering programme????
when is the last registration date and how can i register online???
plz do tell me...

Anonymous said...

what about participation certificates?

Anonymous said...

i had cleared interviewbut havnt received any call or mail till now for training session till when can i expect any response.?

SHALINI said...


SHREYA said...

i was in mumbai all this while but i would wnt to volunteer in the commonwealth now am in delhi but i think the regertration dates have are there any chancs that i can volunteer?
please let me know on

rahul said...

i have give interview but didnt recive an training email or sms and my form id is also verified so plz send me a sms or email. me a s fast as possible

Anonymous said...

what happens if someone does/attends all the training programs except the venue specific due to some valid reason(due to his/her present job etc.)will his/her training be rescheduled?

arun said...

i want to be the part of cwg. i know its too late but i have the potential to manage this.
i am a btech graduate.i will give my 100% to serve my nation.
plz help me if u can.
my email id is

Anonymous said...

My general training is been completed on 10 th august. But i didnt get any call for my next training . Although 4 times police verification has been done at my home. My email is Pawarrakskr7257 Please assist me what to do . I have also called to volunteer care but they also dont have any information regarding this .

monika rawat said...

i am the register volunteer of CWG but i didn’t get my accreditation card and uniform till now . I request to solve my problem as soon as possible....

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