Friday, 12 February 2010

CWG Disaster Management Planning

A round the-clock disaster management control room has been set up by the government to make the pleasant Commonwealth Games 2010 without the occurrence of any incident in the East District.

The control room will work in 3 shifts of 8 hours each. In each shift 2 civil defence volunteer will work on rotating basis. Games Village website also has an up control room. Through it direct networking will be possible with other control rooms for quick action during any contingency. According to the DDMA (Delhi Disaster Management Authority) officers, it deals with odd conditions in the city like bomb-blasts, earthquakes, floods, road accidents, fires and building collapses.

The Project Officer, Santosh Gupta, told that about eleven associates of the disaster team are nodal officers of different departments.

Volunteers will have the responsibility to give response of calls, as they will work as IMT (Incident Management Team). They will also work for the SRT (Special Response Team) which is divisional stage team.


Anonymous said...

The corrupt UPA government is showing its true colors: deep mismanagement, race and religion -for political gain, power misuse, and is setting lower bar for ethics every day.

Moreover, the firangi raj, now includes mafia raj [instead of that from an aristrocracy]. But the congressi slaves keep getting their crumbs [tukde] and keep licking the rear of gandhi pariwar.

We need real shake up in this dirty game.

CWG ss not supposed to stand for : a new Game to Suck the Common's Wealth. That is exactly what it is turnign out to be

Anonymous said...

Money of the Common Man being spent foolishly and rampantly without any plans in mind of the ministers to load the country into disaster and foolishness, so that all Indian Country folks are made to stand out like a bunch of fools at home as well as abroad is what seems the motto of all the parties involved in the fiasco. May you lead India and its fellow countrymen into extrema embarrassment and the dark ages. Keep Going !!! As you do not have a conscience to stop your misfit blundering ventures.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Who voted these corrupt people in power? Could it be the same people commenting on here?

Anonymous said...

again it goes to show how dumb the indian public is to keep electing corrupt officials. it doesn't matter the government is UPA, Communist or NDA. Corruption is the key issue. India will be ruled by foreigners again. history always repeats itself. india is like a virus it keeps multyplying the only way to stop it foreign invasion. it cannot be controlled from the inside. CWG will be the biggest dissapointment for india. it is already showing how weak and dumb the indians really are.

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