Monday, 23 August 2010

5 Tier transportation plan for Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) on Monday unveiled its plan for the transportation of its athletes, officials, their family members, mediapersons, VIPs and technical officials, which will total up to 15,000 people, excluding volunteers and spectators.

For that purpose, there will be a dedicated five-tier transport system, some of which will be operational September onwards.

T1 and T2 will be car services. While the first one will ferry top Games officials, T2 will be services that can be booked in advance by officials and their family members through a 24/7 call centre. The transportation services will be carried out jointly by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Tata Motors. The latter will be supplying a fleet of brand new 1,800 cars and SUVs, back-up services, 3,000 drivers and supporting staff which will be deployed at venues and depots.

“Transport is the backbone of the Games and we have to put in place a huge network comprising buses and cars,” OC secretary general Lalit Bhanot told the media at the Games headquarters.

Tata has signed an agreement with the OC and the total cost of the service would be Rs 34 crore. Of that, the OC will reimburse Rs 10 crore by way of drivers’ salary, fuel and management, while the rest would be raised through sponsorship.

The T3 and T4 categories would consist of fully air-conditioned buses from the DTC. Under T3, 349 buses will be used to ferry the athletes to and from the venues during the event, including the days of opening and closing ceremonies. Twenty-five routes have already been identified for the purpose. Forty buses have space for five wheelchairs each.

Mediapersons and technical teams will be using the T4 service. 125 AC buses will ply on 14 routes to take them to and from venues. “All CWG buses would be exempted from using speed governors during the Games. We approached the authorities concerned regarding this and they have agreed,” OC Special Director General G G Thomas, who was also present on the occasion, said.

There will be three depots, one at Vinay Marg, one near Akshardham Mandir and the third at Ravindra Rangshala, which is close to Talkatora Stadium. The Games Village will have three separate sets of lanes in which each lane will have cars going to a particular venue.

“We will have enough provisions to handle any untoward incident like car breakdowns. Besides, all drivers have been given instructions about what to do in case of any eventuality, including a terror attack,” Thomas added.

Other public transport systems, including DTC and special Metro services would come under the last category. All drivers will be given communication radio sets, while every car would be fitted with Global Positioning Systems by which their movement would be tracked.


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