Wednesday, 24 March 2010

43 workers have died at Commonwealth Games sites

Commonwealth Organizing committee has released a report mentioning that 43 people died during the construction of different Commonwealth Games sites at different locations. These included the workers working for developing a better infrastructure around the games venues.

Delhi High Court has set up a panel of five officials to look in to the matter of workers' death at sites. During his stay in Delhi, Sharma told Indian authorities that they should look into the allegations made by the panel.

Commonwealth Games General secretary stated that India has large commitments to the games and I have read what is available and I hope correct and timely actions will be taken by the Indian government to improve the working conditions and ensuring safety of workers.

Arundhati Ghosh, is one of the member of the panel set up by Delhi High Court and former Indian ambassador to the UN, strongly believes that a country cannot progress without respecting its citizens, and similar is the case in common wealth scenario, we cannot be proud of organizing these games on the death bed of these workers.

Mike Hooper, chief executive of the London-based Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), told, he also support the panel's analysis and enlightened that no justification counts on the part of life and death situation. Indian contractors responsible for the construbtion have to obey the laws of India and Indian government must monitor it closely.

Sharma is optimistic for the Commonwealth games in Delhi. He hopes that everything will be settled before the event. During his visit to India, he will show his confidence to some of the Indian dignitaries; Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, External Affairs Minister S. M. Krishna and Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, with whom he will meet.


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