Friday, 5 March 2010

Nigeria worried about its preparations for Delhi Games

Brown Ebewele, has expressed fears for Nigeria's chances at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.

The former national athlete regretted that too much attention was being paid to the 2010 World Cup plans to the detriment of the Commonwealth Games in October, adding that Nigeria may post her worst performance ever in Delhi.

“Nobody is saying anything about our preparations for the Commonwealth Games. It has always been like that anyway and now that this is a World Cup year, it‘s even worse,” Ebewele said.

“All attention is focused on football. Look at the time it took them to get a foreign coach for the Super Eagles. So, if football can suffer like that, what about athletics, which has been virtually abandoned over the years?

"Nobody is bothered about the plight of other sports just because of football. It‘s a pathetic situation. Athletics which used to be our strength is dying. Now we are looking at events where we hope to get medals in Delhi because we are not even sure of winning medals in a sport like boxing, which was also our strength before."

“Delhi 2010 may end up being our worst Commonwealth Games ever, if we continue like this.”

He called on the sports authorities to come to the rescue of athletics and other sports, saying athletes’ welfare was important if Nigeria hoped to regain her place in world athletics.


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