Monday, 22 March 2010

CWG: Australia names 48 members for swimming events

AUSTRALIA have named a 48-strong squad for October's Commonwealth Games in Delhi. There will be 25 male participants and 23 female participants in various swimming events. Queensland will have maximum representation in the squad with as many as 25 members from the state.

(Click here to see list of Australian athletes selected for Commonwealth Games)

Australian squad will be led by Triple Olympic Gold medallist Stephanie Rice. The squad is a mix of old and new with as many as 27 new faces.

The list of swimmers is as follows:

Commonwealth Games squad Male (25): Daniel Arnamnart (NSW), Leith Brodie (QLD), Craig Calder (NSW), Ashley Callus (QLD), Nicholas D'Arcy (QLD), Ashley Delaney (VIC), Tommaso D'Orsogna (WA), Nicholas Ffrost (QLD), Thomas Fraser-Holmes (NSW), Jayden Hadler (QLD), Geoff Huegill (NSW), Robert Hurley (NSW), Andrew Lauterstein (NSW), Ryan Napoleon (QLD), Cameron Prosser (VIC), Brenton Rickard (QLD), Christian Sprenger (QLD), Hayden Stoeckel (SA), Eamon Sullivan (NSW), Christopher Wright (QLD), Peter Leek (NSW), Matthew Cowdrey (SA), Ben Austin (NSW), Blake Cochrane (QLD), Andrew Pasterfield (NSW).

Commonwealth Games squal Female (23):
Bronte Barratt (QLD), Alicia Coutts (QLD), Sophie Edington (QLD), Blair Evans (WA), Felicity Galvez (NSW), Katie Goldman (QLD), Marieke Guehrer (VIC), Melissa Gorman (QLD), Samantha Hamill (QLD), Belinda Hocking (NSW), Leisel Jones (VIC), Sarah Katsoulis (VIC), Yolane Kukla (QLD), Samantha Marshall (NSW), Alice Mills (QLD), Meagen Nay (QLD), Kylie Palmer (QLD), Leiston Pickett (QLD), Stephanie Rice (QLD), Jessicah Schipper (QLD), Emily Seebohm (QLD), Ellie Cole (VIC), Annabelle Williams (QLD).


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