Tuesday, 23 March 2010

CWG 2010 catering contract enters penultimate phase

Awarding of Commonwealth Games 2010 catering contract is entering its penultimate phase. The upcoming Games are providing an unprecedented opportunity for the hotels to bid for the multi-crore catering contract with an opportunity to claim fame at an international event adding to their repertoire.

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The bidding process for the contract is still on and so far many hotels have bid for the same. The hotel groups in India are not revealing any information regarding the bidding though sources say that many hotels are still sending their responses to Organizing Committee's Request for Proposal (RFP) for the contract.

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Ajay Grover, head - catering, Commonwealth Games 2010, without disclosing the actual figures revealed that the contract will run into multiple crores. He said, "It is a moment that offers great prospects to the Indian hospitality industry for catering. The RFP would be accepted keeping in mind the techno commercial criteria. Various parameters would also be considered eg experience, varieties of menu, etc."

According to him, there would be 11 clusters in catering and each would be given out to one caterer. "It would also provide a consortium to work together as for one cluster there could be several sub-caterers. This would also facilitate a major shift in terms of approach and awareness in food and hygiene," Grover said. The event is also going to benefit the hospitality sector as it would create new benchmarks for all big hotels in India. "The successful Indian companies in the bidding process will come to know about the way big events are organised and how the catering format works. This would further generate awareness about food safety and standards. Moreover, the hoteliers would get acquainted to the global trends in new varieties of food which would help them come up with the same in their prospective areas," he added.

Speaking on the guidelines for catering, Grover informed that it would be on a B2B format and they want the best of hotels to come in for bidding. He said, "From supply chain management to consumption level, everything will be monitored in consultation with the health department of the government of India and third party, who will be certified auditors to do such kind of certification process." It was further said that global tenders had been floated to draw interest from international players having expertise in hospitality, in addition to domestic ones. Express Hospitality has learnt from its sources that apart from ITDC, Delaware North Companies, Global Infusion from UK, and Sodexho from France have been short-listed so far. On being queried about the same, Grover declined to comment.


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