Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Commonwealth Games drill hole in common man's pocket

Commonwealth Games have drilled a hole in Common man's pocket. Living in Delhi has become more expensive thanks to the sporting extravaganza planned for later this year. Facing a cash crunch, Delhi government has resorted to widespread increase in taxes and reduction in subsidies to generate cash for the games.

So here is list of items and products for which the prices are increased as per 2010-2011 Delhi budget:

LPG cylinder: In the Budget presented for the capital on Monday, the government withdrew subsidy on LPG. This means LPG cylinders will cost 40 rupees more.

Diesel fuel: Diesel will also get costlier as Value Added Tax (VAT) has been hiked from 12.5 to 20 per cent. This means widespread increase in prices of all commodities and products as the transporters will pass on the cost increase to consumers

CNG: Though auto and bus fares have not been increased, but one will have to fight more with auto drivers now as they would have another excuse to harass you in the five per cent tax on the CNG. If you drive a personal vehicle then there is no chance you will save momey by switching to CNG fuel.

Bottled drinks, energy drinks, coffee, tea: Just when Delhi is bracing for another scortching summer, the prices of drinks have increased. Delhi government choose perfect day to burden Delhiites with increased prices as it was hottest March day in last 6 years. For those who savour an energy drink or lemon laced with glucose will have to pay more as Glucose D will cost 12.5 per cent more while aerated drinks like Coke, Pepsi, juices and other energy drinks will be dearer by 20 per cent. If you thought you can survive on Coffee or tea during summers then think again. Coffee and tea at outlets will be taxed at 12.5 percent.

Movie tickets: You will have to think twice now before hitting the nearby movie theatre. Movie tickets will be taxed at 12.5 per cent.

Home entertainment products: Just when you thought that you will spend time at home rather than watching movies in theatre, Delhi government had prepared this piece of news for you. DVDs, CDs and video games will also be taxed at the revised rate of 12.5 per cent.

Clothers, watches etc etc: Branded readymade garments, wrist watches, as all such commodities priced above Rs 5,000 will now attract 12.5 per cent tax. For women who like to dress ethnic, there is bad news. Though not as much as for the guys planning to buy an expensive suit or shirt, ladies suits with embroidery and zari work will now be costlier by at least five per cent.

Mobile phones: One will also have to spend more on new mobile phones. Even the phone accessories have not been spared. Phones priced above Rs 10,000 will also invite tax at 12.5 per cent.


Anonymous said...

Name a single thing that sheela dixit govt have done in favour of common men?
raising taxes and prices of each and every product/ service and putting hands in the pockets of the common men. A common men now is unable to afford basic requirements of his family.
govt have raised the prices of water, milk, electricty, gas, petrol and almost everything that a common men would live on.
Cost of living in the capital of india have become a challenge, riches get richer and poor gets poorest.
opposition parties have forgotten the importance of their existence in the house, they're expected to raise hands against the wrong decisions of the ruling party, but they are also not taking the charge.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with you that its government's fault or even opposition's fault. Delhi has failed to kick out this corrupt govt during last 2 elections. Why Delhi always vote for Congress and then moan against it for 5 years..!!!!!!

vishal said...

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All the best.

ishita said...

very true nd the credit for all the problem being faced by common man goes to our great political leaders..

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