Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dental clinics promoting medical tourism with CWG

Dental clinics in the country’s capital are making affordable dental treatment possible for people coming to India for attending the commonwealth games. Medical tourism has been on the rise in India with improving healthcare infrastructure. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai have the best technology available in the developed world but only at fraction of cost there. The patients opting for implant surgery in India can acquire treatment from renowned prosthodontist and oral implantologist for as low as 20% of what it would cost in UK or US.

Facilities being provided to patients are High Class. While practicing in accordance to the international dental treatment, dental clinics are assuring that the patients have a touch of India’s hospitality also.

There are various different services that the patients can acquire at this leading dental clinics at Delhi and some of them are fixed dental replacement, dental implants, cosmetic smile designing, gum teeth and surgeries, bone grafting, braces, kids dentistry solutions and much more.

By acquiring the dental treatments while on a trip to India is definitely going to save a lot of money as the dental treatments in India are very affordable. The cost differential is so much that decision to get the work done in India can fund for itself in saved amount compared to what it would cost in developed countries.


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